Railways and Subway

  • Supervision of the operation of the first part of the Yasouj Railway to the Rail Network
  • Design, supply and implementation of two-way railway (substructure, bridge construction and pavement) Shemshak-Sistan axis
  • Construction of non-level intersections bridges, and reinforcement of bridges of first-line of Ahvaz-Khorramshahr axis by use of the design and implementation method
  • Detailed studies of the Tehran-Miyaneh railway axis, in corporation with Metra and Tose-Paydar-Shomalegan
  • First and Second Stage Studies, Route Designing, Mapping, Geotechnical, Technical Design, and Electrical Railroad Bridge of the New Town of Pardis-Pulrood Participation, Structuralization and Sustainability Monitoring
  • Feasibility study of Hamedan subway in participation with Transportation Research Institute, Tarahan-Parseh and Gozar-Rah Consultant Engineers
  • Design studies on the Connection of Sarab to the National Railway Network