Roads and Freeways

Saveh Bouyin Zahra Highway

Second Roadway of Sarab-Nair Highway

Construction of the second Roadway of Sarab-Bostanabad Highway-Part two

Qazvin Zanjan Freeway

Isfahan Shiraz Freeway Part 7

  • Site Supervision of the improvement of the Salehabad-Mehran Axis (Four lane)
  • Consulting services of the Izeh-Karoon Project
  • Supervision of road construction projects in Saveh and Zarandieh
  • Studies on the construction of the second roadway of the Tehran-Saveh axis. The intersection of the non-level crossing of Parandak railway with Tehran-Saveh axis, in addition to the non-level intersections of Razaghan-Khashkrood axis with the Savoh-Boyin Zahra axis
  • Study and design of an access road and a bridge to the material site of Jolfa
  • Supervision on the operations of the 22 km long, Sarab-Bostanabad second part of axis
  • Supervision of second roadway of Assaluyeh-Bandarlenghe first part of axis
  • Improvement studies of the Nehavand-Dehfol-Brazul-Gian axis